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Rfil neamt


Producer of ready made clothes, knitwear, printing and embroideries: any kind of knitted sports items, any kind of knitted items made with 6 - 8 machine accuracy
We offer base blueprint, scaling, framing, fashion samples, printing by thermo transfer, with colorants sublimation, MONTI pressing machine, 1, 80 / 1, 10 sizes
Embroidery processing in 1 to 7 colors on ZCK machines with 12 heads on any type of fabrics
Lines of business : Producer, Exporter, Distributor, Producer in Lohn System
Address: Sediu Social: Vaslui, Str. Nicolae Iorga nr 82 Bis; Fabrica: Husi, Sos Husi-Albita Nr 6, cod 735100, jud Vaslui
City: Husi
County: Vaslui
Phone: +4 0235 481 391
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