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Businesstexin Offer

Business Texin - the catalogue of the light industry companies, has national coverage and free distribution, operating as a promotion environment facilitating the performance of new business opportunities.

The benefits generated by the biannual appearance of the "Business Texin" catalogue are:

- low costs due to the circulation and rhythm of paid appearances

- efficiency of the distribution due to the free spread of the catalogue

- it has national coverage

- it is presented in an A5 format, integral polychromy

- services of graphic conception, typing, image processing and pre-press for the advertisements found in the catalogue are free of charge

- payment in monthly installments

- your presence in this catalogue provides you with the possibility to identify new partners and new business opportunities


- Specialized fairs, exhibitions and symposiums from the country

- Companies activating within the light industry domain (manufacturers, importers, exporters, merchants, services providers)

- State institutions (embassies, consulates, ministries, commerce chambers, etc.)

- Business centers

- Companies present within the catalogue

- Other applicant private individuals and legal entities

INFORMATION REGARDING THE MODELS For a fast and high quality preparation of the model published in the catalogue, the client must provide the following materials:

- For the clients who have already processed models:

- the format of the files: Corel Draw (.cdr format), Adobe Photoshop (.jpg,. psd,.tiff,.eps format ) at a resolution of minimum 300 dpi

- CMYK color format

- the relating fonts or the converted ones in case of curves

- support: DVD, CD, floppy-disk, e -mail

- hardcopy

- For the clients whose models shall be performed by our team:

- photographs or good quality printed versions

- text, address, phone/ fax number, e -mail, web address, company logo

- suggestions for the model (sketch)

- corporate (logo, CMYK color percentages, fonts, positioning rules on the page)

Registration offer for the 2nd edition of "Business Texin" (September 2006 - February 2007)

1st page ----------------- 695 EUR

1/2 page ----------------- 385 EUR

1/4 page ------------------ 255 EUR

Listing --------------------115 EUR

Chapter logo ----------------95 EUR

Cover logo -----------------195 EUR

1st page ------------------ 995 EUR

Special page ------------- 755 EUR

Last page -----------------755 EUR

2nd cover ----------------1495 EUR

3rd cover ---------------- 995 EUR

4th cover ----------------2495 EUR

Preferential position ----------+10%

Banner on the site----------399 Euro

The above-mentioned prices are VAT excluded.

The payment shall be performed at the exchange rate of the Romanian National Bank from the day of payment.

The models processed by S.A.G. for the Business Texin catalogue are free.

Printed catalogues

10000 copies/edition


15000 opies/edition


... because your image is important



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